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With over 80 years of combined experience, CareFactor and Miller-Lewis are excited to bring our expertise in employer sponsored health plans to the members of the NJCAA. Over the last several years, the Health Insurance industry has drastically changed, and this evolving landscape has created challenges for many organizations regarding their employee benefits. A mix of budget pressures, limited choices, lack of transparency, increased complexity, and unexpected costs have left many employers at a loss on how to provide superior benefits without compromising their budget. We understand these challenges, and in turn, we have created an impactful solution that allows us to tailor benefit plans to meet your unique needs. Our customer centric culture and hands on approach fosters an environment that sets us apart and allows us to focus on what matters most.

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Properly managed group purchasing provides the most cost-effective acquisition of administration, network discounting, pharmacy pricing, and more, though it cannot in itself reduce the number and severity of healthcare claims. A well-run association program allows members to share best practices in the areas of cost mitigation, wellness, disease management and consumer engagement and education. Our consultants have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in these areas and the results have been exciting!


Industry Leading

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Association plans of this type allow member organizations to gain purchasing power on par with that of much larger employers by combining with other like organizations. Involvement and education of key decision makers within each member organization is critical. Frequent membership calls allow for an open sharing of ideas between organizations. An ongoing review of both successes and failures helps to
define future initiatives for the member organizations.


We see our clients as partners

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This is the members organizations’ program and you need and deserve the appropriate data to make good business decisions. All member organizations will receive detailed monthly reporting and plan analytics. There will not be any surprises come time of renewal.

Full transparency on cost and budget

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