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Our Company

Our Company

In 1959, our founders Thomas Jack and Rusty Means pioneered the concept of self-funded health benefit programs. The goal was to put themselves in the employers' corner by providing the value and efficiency they were not getting by dealing directly with the insurance companies.

CareFactor became one of the most respected benefit management companies in the Midwest. That original spirit of service excellence and client partnership is our foundation and our inspiration as we look ahead.

As we lead our company into the future, we have not started from scratch. We are fortunate to have been grounded in a history of industry leadership and a spirit of client connection that will benefit us all as we move forward. We believe CareFactor is an identity that aptly describes who we are and our depth of commitment.

We care that our clients and their employees receive the ultimate value for their benefit dollars. One size does not fit all.

We care that the programs we help our clients design improve productivity, prevent absenteeism, and help their bottom line.

We care that our clients' program participants are receiving the best possible care and outcomes while utilizing their plans.

Be assured, this is not rhetoric. We are acutely aware that the health care landscape constantly changes, as well as the needs of clients and their employees. We also realize that employee health benefits account for a significant portion of clients' overhead, and we have their back.

We will listen, understand, and prepare a strategy that connects all the right factors for the right plan, for our clients' businesses and people.



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