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"We are not a claims shop. Claims are only one component of our clients' needs. We are here to listen and create a strategy that connects factors to drive your employees' benefit plans."

-Bob Ochall, President



Over the last several years, the Health Insurance Industry has drastically changed. This evolving landscape has created challenges for many public entities regarding their employee benefits. A mix of budget pressures, limited choices, lack of transparency, increased complexity, and unexpected increases in costs have left many of those in the public sector at a loss on how to provide benefits without compromising their budget.

Why CareFactor

Since 2017, the OML has endorsed CareFactor as the health plan administrator for its members. CareFactor, located in Dublin, Ohio, has over 50 years of experience in self and level funded programs. We provide you with a knowledgeable and dedicated team. From account management to in-house customer service, CareFactor is focused on meeting you and your employees needs. 

Flexible Plan Design


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