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On February 1st, 2019, EBMC officially became CareFactor. The name change reflects our continued commitment to providing quality choices in health care for organizations with self-funded insurance plans, and maximum value for the employers and choices for their employees. At CareFactor, we recognize that the “one size fits all” approach to addressing employers health care needs is rarely the best solution. Therefore, CareFactor will continue to offer the most flexible options and information for our valued members:

  • Best available networks – local and national 

  • Patient focused prescription benefit management programs

  • Secure online access to member, client and provider medical information

  • Analytics designed to improve members health and reduce overall costs

  • Ongoing healthcare management programs

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Flexible spending administration

"To me, 'CareFactor' means that everything has a greater purpose.

As a consumer, I expect to get my money's worth, so as a

service provider I feel a great need to furnish our clients with

the same quality of service I expect for myself."

Katrina Kemats, CareFactor