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Our Self-Funded Journey

With over 80 years of combined experience, CareFactor and Miller-Lewis are excited to bring our expertise in employer sponsored health plans to the members of the NJCAA. Over the last several years, the Health Insurance industry has drastically changed, and this evolving landscape has created challenges for many organizations regarding their employee benefits. A mix of budget pressures, limited choices, lack of transparency, increased complexity, and unexpected costs have left many employers at a loss on how to provide superior benefits without compromising their budget. We understand these challenges, and in turn, we have created an impactful solution that allows us to tailor benefit plans to meet your unique needs. Our customer centric culture and hands on approach fosters an environment that sets us apart and allows us to focus on what matters most.

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Our unparalleled strategy to group purchasing provides a high level of flexibility that is not possible in the traditional market. In addition to the most cost-effective administration, network discounting, and pharmacy pricing, CareFactor provides the freedom to design benefit plans that would best meet an organization’s unique needs.


By utilizing group purchasing, CareFactor, and our industry leading partners empower organizations to play a pivotal role in supplying benefits to their employees.

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Since the individual member organization’s claims experience is partially pooled and jointly underwritten with that of other members, each member organization can expect a level of greater predictability and stability in their budget. Our frequent membership calls allow for an open sharing of ideas between organizations and helps define future initiatives for the member organizations.


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CareFactor believes that collaboration is critical to success, and from the very beginning, our approach ensures that key decision makers at each organization are educated and involved throughout the entire process.

CareFactor provides all member organizations with industry leading monthly reporting, and these detailed analytics provide insights to many levels of group performance. Through analysis, CareFactor assists in defining future initiatives for the member organizations. Our dedicated account management team is available to collaborate and assist in creating positive solutions tailored to individual needs.

Through fostering a culture of transparency, CareFactor enables organizations to make sound and informed business decisions that will impact the good of the individual member organization and that of the group as a whole.

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