If you think managing your employees' health care is overwhelming, you're not working with the right health care company.

It's that simple. The best way to provide cost-effective, proactive health care for your employees is to find a company that offers customized solutions that meet your specific needs, and provides intuitive, easy-to-navigate tools that help you and your employees get answers—and help—whenever you need it.

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At CareFactor, we have been helping companies like yours create customized health care plans that give employees the highest quality care options available, and help you manage the costs involved in providing that care. With nearly 60 years of experience, we know which tools are the most useful to you, and which resources are the most helpful to the employees who count on you.

No matter what you need,

we can help.

Just call us at 614-766-5800. We can discuss the specific health care challenges your organization is facing and help you develop a plan to make those challenges easier to manage.

Because health care can be complicated, but managing it doesn't have to be.

We are dedicated to partnering with our customers to provide all 
their benefit needs while exceeding expectations.  

Our service-focused environment is committed to respecting our customers and treating them as people, not numbers.